Python plugin setting with Vim

1. Go to:
Download the plugin which you need.

package script version date Vim version user release notes 1.2 2009-07-25 7.0 ryan kulla Added “from module” completion, Tab backwards support, and more third party libs.

Install details UNIX/LINUX: Place python_pydiction.vim in:  ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/

If this directory doesn’t already exist, create it. Vim looks there automatically.

WINDOWS: Assuming you installed Vim to C:\vim\, put python_pydiction.vim in C:\vim\vimfiles\ftplugin

You may install the other files (complete-dict and anywhere you want. For this example, we’ll assume you put them in C:\vim\vimfiles\ftplugin\pydiction\

Don’t put any files but python_pydiction.vim in the ftplugin directory, only .vim files should go there.

In your vimrc file, first add the following line to enable ftplugins:

filetype plugin on

then make sure you set “g:pydiction_location” to the full path of where you installed complete-dict, i.e.:

let g:pydiction_location = ‘C:/vim/vimfiles/ftplugin/pydiction/complete-dict’

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