Gentoo Installation Note 1

I have been using RH-Linux for about 5 years and being a System Administrator for more than 2 years as well. As I learn a lot of technology of System management, however, I really not to sure if I am high level SA. Because I know, I should learn Linux in depth. So I am going to Install Gentoo Linux, to know:

  • what is the system I am using?
  • what does Linux System consist of?
  • What are the main components of Linux System?
  • How does it work? etc.

Alright, Let us get start here!

System Log Rotation Tools

logrotate is designed to ease administration of systems that generate
large numbers of log files. It allows automatic rotation, compression,
removal, and mailing of log files. Each log file may be handled daily,
weekly, monthly, or when it grows too large

Attention! Nagios 出错问题 Because of the Environment settings.

We have all LAMP APPs migrated to EC2 instance successfully. APPs work fine. but I was always getting Warning messages from Nagios, saying: PHPlive supporter Offline.

In fact, we had already have accessed to the phplive support. so strange…I was wondering.
I tried check_phplive on localhost server. It gave me the correct response: OK- ….online

but at my end (my monitoring server) I was always getting the warning:
Warning- Supporter Offline.

I checked everything I could do, finally I found that a simple mistake in my checking-code that missing Environment Variable settings of Mysql.

so just added this MYSQL=location/bin/mysql and using variable ‘MYSQL’ instead the ‘mysql’

It is now working fine!cool.

Python plugin setting with Vim

1. Go to:
Download the plugin which you need.

package script version date Vim version user release notes 1.2 2009-07-25 7.0 ryan kulla Added “from module” completion, Tab backwards support, and more third party libs.

Install details UNIX/LINUX: Place python_pydiction.vim in:  ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/

If this directory doesn’t already exist, create it. Vim looks there automatically.

WINDOWS: Assuming you installed Vim to C:\vim\, put python_pydiction.vim in C:\vim\vimfiles\ftplugin

You may install the other files (complete-dict and anywhere you want. For this example, we’ll assume you put them in C:\vim\vimfiles\ftplugin\pydiction\

Don’t put any files but python_pydiction.vim in the ftplugin directory, only .vim files should go there.

In your vimrc file, first add the following line to enable ftplugins:

filetype plugin on

then make sure you set “g:pydiction_location” to the full path of where you installed complete-dict, i.e.:

let g:pydiction_location = ‘C:/vim/vimfiles/ftplugin/pydiction/complete-dict’

Quick Linux Server Installation [<>]


* Apache 2 – Linux Web server
* MySQL 5 – MySQL Database Server
* PHP4/5 – PHP Scripting Language
* phpMyAdmin – Web-based database admin software.

* Webalizer – Website Traffic Analyzer

* Mail Server – Postfix (MTA) with Dovecot IMAP/POP3 + Sasl Authentication
* Squirrelmail – A web based email

* VSFTP – A fast ftp server to upload files
* Webmin – A freely available server control panel
* ClamAV – Antivirus software
* A Firewall using IPtables.

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软件开发过程 节选自 Python tutorial.



1. 什么(分析)
2. 如何(设计)
3. 编写(实施)
4. 测试(测试与调试)
5. 使用(实施或开发)
6. 维护(优化)